Urban AI is a Paris-based think tank dedicated to the emerging field of “Urban Artificial Intelligence.” Given the highly complex and human-centered nature of urban systems, scholarship and practical implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in cities requires a uniquely multidisciplinary lens. For this reason, Urban AI seeks to generate a holistic body of knowledge on urban artificial intelligence by federating and collaborating with a growing, global community of researchers, public servants, start-ups, and urban subject matter experts, who work at the intersection of cities and technology. Together, we carry out multidisciplinary projects to better understand and assess the impacts of artificial intelligence on urban life and vice versa. Urban AI’s work follows three primary streams: research, events & content, and education.

Research: The Urban AI research program carries out long term projects oriented toward implementing our Manifesto and urbanizing Artificial Intelligence. Urban AI’s research outputs mainly focus on the intersection of localized technologies, open cities, decentralized technologies, frictional design, meaningful technologies, ecological technologies.

Events & Content: Urban AI fosters a space for experts in the field of urban artificial intelligence to share their insights, debate and exchange. We regularly organize events and publish content about considerations for and breakthroughs in Urban Artificial Intelligence. These activities aim to democratize this emerging field and to actively contribute to its development through a multidisciplinary and intercultural dialogue.

Education: The Urban AI educational program develops and supports scholars and professionals working in the emerging field of Urban Artificial Intelligence. The Emerging Leaders Program seeks to provide a theoretical basis, practical experience, and mentorship for young people who wish to pursue work or research in urban-oriented artificial intelligence fields. Additionally, we train municipalities and other urban stakeholders on how to think about and evaluate the utility and implementation of artificial intelligence in their operations. Through these programs, we aim to share the expertise and knowledge that we continue to accumulate as an institution.


Instead of creating "Smart Cities", our ambition is to urbanize Artificial Intelligence. To imagine and develop AIs that preserve our social contract, empower people, embrace our cultures and contribute to make cities vibrant and sustainable.


Urban AI was founded by Hubert Beroche in 2021. For 6 months, Beroche explored 12 cities and met more than 130 AI players, in order to understand how AI transforms out cities. It was during this project that the concept of urban AI emerged. "Urban AI" was collectively developed in the URBAN AI report, then studied in depth at the ETI Chair of IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, before giving birth to the think tank.

Since then, Urban AI has grown tremendously. The think tank now supports a community of 150 members - researchers, government employees, and start ups at the forefront of artificial intelligence, who all participate in exchanges around the opportunities and challenges facing the field.

In 2022, Urban AI launched the emerging leaders program, in order to educate the next generation of urban artificial intelligence practitioners, and began providing strategic consulting services to Lille Metropole, PCA-STREAM, BNP Real Estate and many other urban stakeholders. In partnership with the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, Urban AI hosted a web series on the Future of Urban AI. In addition, Urban AI held its first in-person conference in Amsterdam in December.

Cities explored
Paris, Montreal, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen
Actors met
Entrepreneurs, urban planners, philosophers, engineers, local elected officials, consultants, executives, architects ...