Urban AI is a Think Tank which federates an international ecosystem and a multidisciplinary community. Together, we propose ethical modes of governance and sustainable uses of urban AI. To do this, we carry out research (white papers, trend books, analyzes, ...) and experiments around this concept.

Urban AI also aims to be a space for exchange and meeting. A place of debate that welcomes a diversity of points of view around AI and the future of cities. A think tank that helps citizens, public decision makers and corporates to embrace urban AI.


Instead of creating "Smart Cities", our ambition is to urbanize Artificial Intelligence. To imagine and develop AIs that preserve our social contract, empower people, embrace our cultures and contribute to make cities vibrant and sustainable.


Urban AI was founded after traveling the world. For 6 months, Hubert Béroche explored 12 cities and met more than 130 AI players. This world tour had one objective: to understand how AI will transform our cities. It is during this project that the concept of urban AI emerged. A concept which was then collectively developed in the URBAN AI report and then studied in depth at the ETI Chair of IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School before giving birth to the Think Tank.

Cities explored
Paris, Montreal, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen
Actors met
Entrepreneurs, urban planners, philosophers, engineers, local elected officials, consultants, executives, architects ...