Artificial intelligence has the potential to help urban stakeholders thrive and contribute to sustainable cities. While reducing operating costs and facilitating systemic changes, it can transform cities’ services and infrastructures. Urban planning, public administration, architecture, city engineering, urban biodiversity, energy management,... all urban domains and organizations can benefit from this ongoing mutation.

However, incorporating AI into urban lives is perilous, both for people and organizations. Cities are complex systems. Smart city failures and recent AI backlash by worldwide urban residents have demonstrated the risks of overlooking this urban complexity.

For the last five years, we’ve conducted research and experiments at the intersection of cities, urban complexity and AIs. This effort led us to coin and develop both a concept and an area of expertise: urban Artificial Intelligence.

Urban AI Consulting

Leveraging our urban AI expertise, we help city leaders and urban organizations harmoniously integrate AI into their services and with their ecosystems.

Urban AI Strategy

Urban organizations need their strategies to adapt to the ongoing AI mutation. Based on research and experience across a broad range of urban sectors, we produce AI strategies for different urban services and to advance specific sustainability goals.

Urban AI & Climate Change

Cities are at the forefront of Climate Change. While occupying only 2% of the earth's surface, urban settlements are responsible for 70% of greenhouse emissions and are the place where most people will undergo the consequences of climate change. Though, well used, urban AI can contribute to creating Low Carbon Cities and improve urban resiliency in the face of extreme weather events. We assist urban stakeholders in harnessing the power of urban AI to mitigate and adapt to climate change while avoiding burden-shifting and rebound effects.

Urban AI Policy

Cities are political arenas and the materialization of a fragile yet dynamic social contract. Simultaneously, they can benefit from AI by attracting new talents and fostering or creating economic clusters. We assist public administrations in developing urban AI policies to stimulate cities' economic vitality while preserving local social contracts.

Capacity Building

We help urban organizations acquire a foundational understanding of urban artificial intelligence. We also assist cities’ leaders tin gaining skills and knowledges to critically evaluate urban artificial intelligence projects and to mobilize urban artificial intelligence components in operationnal and strategic projects.