Screenless Cities

For decades we’ve been massively using screens as interfaces with cities and, more broadly, the world. Consequently, we've been over-relying on smartphones to feed ourselves, move, work, learn, socialize, and even love. Gradually, as we increasingly experienced urban lives through smartphones, people morphed into smombies and societies into platforms.

Such screen dependency is highly risky. It damages our cognitive capacities, atomizes societies, and privatizes public spaces. We’re only at the beginning of understanding all the consequences of this screen-centric model, but we can already all feel that it’s permanently damaging ourselves and the coming generations.

In this context, we believe it’s time to reinvent a model that puts people and cities at the center of urban lives.

The Program

The Screenless Cities Program aims to use cities instead of screens as interfaces with urban AIs and, more broadly, information.

It aims to leverage cities’ components such as streets, public spaces, and the built environment to physicalize AIs and embody data. It brings to life a vision where people will interact with urban layers and cities’ infrastructures to play with bits and access information.

This international program will gather pioneering Municipalities and urban AI providers to design and implement first of their kinds sensible interfaces: screenless, low-tech, and multisensory interfaces to embody data and physicalize urban AIs in public spaces.

The program will be documented and extended through regular publications and public events.

For who

Worldwide Municipalities and urban AI providers.

For what

Joining a cohort of pioneering organizations to implement sensible interfaces, join capacities, and share good practices with other Municipalities and urban AI leaders during the entire process.


If you’re interested in joining this program, please fill out this form or reach out to

Partners and Participants