Laurence Vanin

Laurence Vanin

Holder of the Smart City Chair: Philosophy & Ethics at the Mediterranean Institute of Risk, Environment and Sustainable Development - Côte d'Azur University. Nice.

Laurence Vanin holds the Smart City Chair: Philosophy and Ethics.

Philosopher, Essayist, Doctor of Political Philosophy and Epistemology teaches at the University of Nice. Member of the RETINES Laboratory. Director of the Ethics and Deontology Committee of the INR. Member of the Smart Deal Experts group. Expert at the Europ’I.A Institute. Sophia Antipolis. Member of the Catalonia Higher Research Group in European Constitutional Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (SGR 767). Laurence Vanin has just been named “Philosopher of Resilience” by Boris Cyrulnik. She directs the “Philosophy and Ethics of the Smart City”, “Label-Idées”, “Paths of thoughts”, “Path of legal thoughts”, “The School of Knowledge” collections at Editions Ovadia. Apart from her scientific activities, she runs philosophy breaks and forums for the general public.


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