Nadina Galle

Nadina Galle

Ecological Engineer (PhD) & Technologist • TEDx & Keynote Speaker • #ForbesUnder30 • Postdoc Fellow • Fulbright Scholar • #InternetofNature

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Canada, I developed my love for the outdoors and my commitment to conserving nature from a young age. Reading works by Jane Jacobs and James Howard Kunstler as a teenager, I questioned the imbalance between nature and the encroaching urban sprawl I saw around me in suburban Canada.

As an ecological engineer, driven by a love for ecology and a fascination with technology, I research, design, and pilot emerging technologies to build better urban ecosystems for people and nature. A framework I call the “Internet of Nature”.

With over a decade of experience in academia across four continents, scientific research is squarely in my wheelhouse. But my research combined with my years working at—and building my own—tech start-ups is where I stand out. I now deliver keynotes, moderate global events, disseminate knowledge, and launch products at the nexus of cities, ecology, and technology. Work that has been recognized by National Geographic, Forbes, The Next Web, Newsweek, ELLE, and the European Space Agency.

Clients, colleagues, and friends value my ability to take ownership of the results. I like to think this ability, combined with my honesty, empathy, and ingenuity, is what makes me a leader capable of successfully leading teams to accomplish a shared mission.

I am excited about the path I’m on, researching and building knowledge to “take nature online” and I take great pride in the fact that my head is in science, but my heart is in communicating. I look forward to translating academic and technological discoveries into public information across different media.


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