Philippe Rapin

Philippe Rapin

Co-founder and CEO at Urban Radar

Philippe Rapin is co-founder and CEO of the French-American startup Urban Radar which he created in 2018. Urban Radar is the leading urban mobility AI solution that provides information and recommendations to cities and planners to mitigate the impact of urban logistics on congestion and air. quality. Urban Radar securely ingests data from urban sources, IOT sensors, and delivery companies to provide data-driven insight for transportation regulation and planning.

Philippe has over a decade of experience in public-private partnerships, transport and urban planning. He founded Urban Radar after holding senior positions with global engineering firm Mott MacDonald in Europe and the United States. In Europe, Philippe was Managing Director of Mott MacDonald France, specializing in public sector consulting in continental Europe. In the United States, Philippe was vice-chairman of the board and member of the board of directors of the US National for Council for Public Private Partnerships in Washington DC. Philippe continues to be a guest lecturer at Stanford University.


Philippe Rapin, Advisor and Contributor at Urban AI, is the CEO of Urban Radar. Urban Radar is a cloud platform that revolutionises the way cities understand, …